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Training/Teaching Experience

Hi! I am Alina Stephenson. I am a singer, performer, musician and now primarily a private voice teacher. I graduated from Pace University in New York City with a BFA in Musical Theater where I had the privilege of working with top professional working artists and instructors. While in NYC, when my interest in pursuing teaching began, I had the wonderful immersive experience of spending a summer alongside Chris York, a Broadway vocal coach, being mentored by him on his vocal teaching techniques and strategies both in his voice studio and in vocal seminars. I have been teaching all kinds of students from young children to retired hobbyists ranging from singers with lots of experience to very beginners. Although I am primarily trained in Musical Theater, I love continually studying and working with many vocal styles and have had the opportunities to work with students of many levels on the genres of musical theater, pop, rock, R&B, folk, classical and jazz. I previously taught voice through a Seattle based music school but am now independently teaching through my own online studio. I am also opening up some availability for in person lessons in Vancouver, BC where I am currently living.


My Teaching Philosophy

I love to work with all kinds of people who have a desire to grow their voices. I believe in using my knowledge as a vocalist to teach in a creative, flexible way that helps each unique person connect positively with, develop and better understand their own voice and what they want to achieve from it.


The voice is especially unique to its owner. It is very personal and has the power to help us express ourselves and our art. People come into lessons at different starting points with different ideas about what they think and feel about their own voices. I am here to help you discover and gain control of how you want to be able to use your voice. My role as a teacher is to use my knowledge of vocal production and techniques from my own studies and experiences to help guide my students on their own unique paths of musical interests in a healthy, encouraging way.


I’ve spent 13 years of my life as a voice student and believe from my personal experience as well as from the growth of my students in the positive impact consistent lessons with a supportive and knowledgeable teacher can have in developing as a well-rounded singer, performer and confident individual. Whether you simply love to sing, have a curiosity to explore the possibilities of your voice or need a space as a performer to continually learn, grow and polish your skill set, I would love to have the chance to teach and grow with you.


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