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Kassi Zorzan

Alina is everything you could want in a vocal teacher. Not only is she an incredible vocalist, but she has a very deep understanding on how to properly use your vocals and the mechanics of everything. She has great attention to detail. She listens very intently to her students and is able to pinpoint what their strengths and weaknesses are in order to tailor the lessons to their needs. Even after my very first lesson with her, she taught me things about my voice that I’ve never noticed before, and was able to gain an understanding of my voice. She’s really patient and creates a positive atmosphere, making you feel comfortable to sound funny, or even bad! HIGHLY recommend her!

Mason Walker

During a time when I wanted to take advantage of the opportunities provided by long-distance online lessons, I was very lucky to find Alina. She conducts virtual classes smoothly and effectively, and she's incredibly lively, warm, and encouraging as she works with you on your chosen vocal goals. I've been singing for a while now, and she's helped me unlock exciting new sounds and styles in my voice, all while sharing healthy and helpful techniques for some of my problem spots. I know I'll keep her vocal wisdom handy for a long time to come! 

Kamalia Blunt

I did a heavy amount of research on who I wanted as a voice coach and among the interviews I conducted, I was lucky enough to have met Alina. She is a multi-talented individual who adjusts to the comfort level of the student while also effectively nudging them to improve. I have grown more comfortable in using both my regular and singing voice since starting her class in the fall of 2021 and I have enjoyed all of our sessions together. She is devoted in ensuring that the student enjoys the class and that the virtual environment is safe and inviting and allows for her students, like myself, to get out of our comforts by doing periodic virtual recitals. I was so encouraged to see the variety of ages and skillsets she serves which further outlines her dedication to her musical craft and sharing her gifts with others. My most notable improvement from being her student is when I ask her if she could teach me how to read the music notes so I can follow through matching tones, keys and rhythms. Just after a year and a half, I can confidently can catch myself going off key or when I read a note incorrectly. I started off as just wanting to improve my singing voice for fun and ending getting a lot more out of the process with Alina as my instructor. I highly recommend!

Christopher Lee

Alina is great to work with! I'm an adult multi-instrumentalist with formal training in jazz and classical music interested in developing my vocal skills and she's opened my eyes to a whole new world of technique and musicality with her understanding of the voice as an instrument. Although her background is in musical theater, she's done a great job of helping me understand how the voice works to improve my singing as a rock/alternative/indie musician. I feel so much more confident in my range, control, and comfort with the voice. I've also learned so much more about how to protect my voice by singing with proper technique and support. I'm so thankful to be working with Alina!


Alina lives on the west coast and I live on the east coast, but we are still able to manage high quality voice lessons over Skype. Alina’s Voice Studio has given me many creative vocal exercises to practice even when I am not in a session. She’s a great voice mentor that has taught me so much more about my voice than I would have learned on my own. She takes the time to get to know your voice and gives great advice that guarantees you’ll make progress in your vocal range and vocal control. She’s super supportive. Would 100% recommend

Melissa H.

We have had a wonderful experience with Alina teaching our daughter! She is great with kids - ours was shy to begin with but Alina was able to coax her out of her shell and get her singing with confidence (it helped when she demonstrated; my kid loved Alina's beautiful voice). Alina is able to teach pretty much any song in existence (she has access to a huge music database - my kid always requests the Disney songs), while accompanying on piano. She is super knowledgeable about all things voice-related, and I've been happily surprised that our very young daughter is actually absorbing and applying the concepts that Alina patiently teaches her (techniques to get a better sound, when to use "head voice" vs "chest voice," etc). I highly recommend her!

Fez K.

Alina is a spectacular teacher. You often hear about teachers who can help you find a lot more range. In my case, I did not experience that with others. First lesson with Alina and I found I could sing several notes higher in my chest voice than ever before. She is easy to understand. I told her I need to go at a slow pace being a working adult and she adjusted herself to my needs. Its fun and comfortable learning from her. I think that is the most important. I recommend her especially to busy working adults looking to take vocal lessons.

Cole Shelly

I really questioned whether or not to get a vocal coach since, in all honesty, I’m really cheap but immediately I knew it was the right choice. She was great in helping play to my strengths, clueing me in on my weaknesses, and just making me a better singer over all. All I wanted was to become at least a passable singer and, if I did it alone, I’m sure it would’ve costed me much more time, much more heartache, and many many fundamental issues that would’ve been a struggle to overcome.

Molly M.

Ms. Alina is so wonderful! My children took lessons from her and one is still taking lessons from her. It was amazing to see how she was able to improve my son’s voice during his first lesson with her. She knows what she is doing. She is kind and patient. I recommend her in a heart beat!

Henry Phan

Alina does an awesome job at tailoring her lesson to me. As a young adult with over 7 years of active music experience, but limited vocal experience, I've been able to get a lot from our many lessons. She's able to pick out what I need to work on the most from week to week.

Bethany M.

Alina is very patient with new (and challenging!) voice students -- especially young novices. She is well-organized, stays on schedule, and is gently encouraging. Even a 30 minute lesson can be productive and beneficial.

Sarah Burns

My five-year-old daughter loves singing with Alina and it has been joy as a parent to see my little girl listen, learn, memorize, integrate feedback, stand tall, and gain confidence and vocal skills. Alina is a great teacher: patient, kind, and fun.

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